About the project

Osvaldo VenaI started writing songs when I was twenty years old. I never recorded any of them, though other people did. These are my first two albums. I offer these songs as a tribute to the authors of these poems, Jewish and Arab children who already in 1974 wrote about their longing for peace, and Argentine kids who still in 2011 have not found the dignified type of life they deserve. I want to join them and many others around the world in a universal cry for harmony and understanding that goes beyond social, ethnic and religious boundaries. My clamor is just a drop of water in the immensity of the world’s needs but if it can benefit even a few children, and make their lives worth living, then it is valid. When you purchase any of these albums you will be helping in the construction of what is still a dream, and you will be giving these children hope and help within their gates.

Where the money goes

The price of the CDs is $10 each and 80% of the proceeds benefit Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala, West Bank, and Sueñitos, a daycare center working with under privileged children of Ciudad Oculta, the Hidden City, one of the shanty towns of Buenos Aires, Argentina. To know more about these two schools visit their website:


Hope Secondary School:  



Sueñitos (Little Dreams): http://www.friendsofciudadoculta.org/



How to purchase the CD

Album CoverYou can order CD's directly from me using PayPal by clicking on the button below. CDs are $10 + shipping.